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De Peilschrijver (The gauge writer)

A short movie about the relationship between the people of Lingewaal and water. A 360° film that brings you in, under, on and above the waters of Lingewaal. A film by: Tessel Schmidt and Maaike Kres Music by: Hear hear Made possible by: Municipality of Lingewaal

Interview Ali Yayhe about his assassinated brother Abdulkadir

In search of the story of (assassinated) Somalian freedomfighter Abdulkadir Yayhe I in interviewed his brother Ali Yayhe, a social worker who lives in…

Winged Migration Amsterdam Light Festival

Winged Migration is an interactive video installation by theatre maker Judith Hofland and filmmaker Tessel Schmidt. In front of a tree is a bird house. If you step inside, a bird flies on the tree. The more people in the bird house, the more birds fly around freely. Freedom that is not always taken for granted by people. Are you asking a stranger in the bird house to let more birds fly and to make…

A Colorwheel Landscape

An exploration of the (technical) colorwheel inside a video projector. Camera and editing: Tessel Schmidt Music: Tom Swart


Videosnacks: Writing with images and less or no words. Short clips for Instagram and Facebook during Theaterfestival Cement, ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Visual review on Tarek Atoui: WITHIN

During Kunstenfestival Brussels 2017 I made a visual review of the exhibition WITHIN by Tarek Atoui. This is a edited version of a videomixer…